The crossroads of life......                                                                                                            Saturday, November 18, 2006

I guess we all come to crossroads in our lives at times, don't we? 

My guess is that a lot of the time people are too distracted by the superficial things that are going on around them to even notices they are at a point where they can make a choice that will make a real and lasting difference in where the are going in life.  Instead of recognizing the opportunity they avoid the task and miss the opportunity all together.

I would think that some of these are the people who see every change as a threat to their security, the ones who bitch and complain about everything new, afraid to step outside the envelope of their own little world.  These people would rather move along the same path just because there are no decisions for them to make and no questions to ask of themselves.  We should all ask ourselves questions from time to time. All kinds of questions……

Who am I?

Where am I going?

What do I really want from life?

What should I really change?

How have I changed already?

How can I grow into a better person?

There is another extreme to be considered too.  Not everyone stays on the same path because they fear the change, some out there make constant changes every time they come to a crossroads because they are so hungry to get out of the situation they are in or because they think they are being innovative (often merely following a fad) and make them because other influences are pulling them along for their own reasons (the media, a marketing firm, a consulting company even).  Why aren't these people asking themselves the questions, why are they not thinking themselves through where they want to go?  Often these people find them selves going backwards.  If they are lucky, they may make enough turns at the crossroads (changes) to turn completely around to the point where they get themselves going in a good direction, unfortunately, after having spent a good bit of time going in wrong directions.

Ask yourself questions……

What truly makes me happy?

Who do I really enjoy being around?

What are my real values?

Is this the right time to make a change?

Who listens to me and really hears what I say?

We should see the crossroads for what they really are, opportunities!

The real opportunity is the one we have to look inside and take stock of the situation and the possible outcomes of the change options.  Use the crossroads to assess where you are and your path or vehicle for getting where you want to be in a way consistent with who you really are inside. 

Ask yourself questions about what really matters to you……. 

Is my heart happy?

Am I being true to myself in my current situation?

Is the direction I am considering one that takes me closer to where I want to be?

Will that path conflict with the values I already know I am not willing to compromise?

Are all of those values truly my own or were they dictated to me by someone else in my life?

Finally, don't be so afraid to change or possibly fail, that you do not try.

I would rather have tried something and have failed than never to have tried at all and wonder for ever what would have happened or where could I have been.

Always take a lesson away from your actions.  Do not fail, learn.  Be wise enough to recognize too that you have the power to create your own crossroads.  If you see that you are on a path that you are not happy with, you do not have to stay on that path and whine and complain.  The road doesn't have to be right under your nose and easy to get to for it to be the right road for you.  We ought to remind ourselves now and then that a little work, a little effort, a little sacrifice is perfectly acceptable and often a productive tool in getting us on the path we belong on……after all, it may be almost parallel to the path you are walking now but just off to the left through a little patch of woods (sacrifice) and some initiative and effort will put you on it in a short amount of time. 

Ask the questions…..face the answers…..decide based on who you are……

Take the fork that best suits YOU…..your heart may learn to sing again!

As for me, I am asking the questions…..I think I have a pretty good idea of where I want to be………..

gaze beyond