gaze beyond

Odds and ends

  • Merry CHRISTmas to One and Merry CHRISTmas to All
  • A Simple Moral
  • a beautiful thing, quite rare
  • Another rhyme, rhythm, or reason....
  • blind sided
  • Home Improvement 101 (the house next door)
  • The Art of Living…

Margaret Thatcher

1992 - 1994

  • Dare to Dance
  • Waiting on the Girl Within
  • Lady Love (I dare you)
  • You and I, not we  
  • Come lay beside me darling….    
  • A Shining Star

In search of love

  • Today it starts, it all begins!
  • From Cupid's Bow
  • Beyond the Dark
  • Safe
  • The Empty Place
  • Fall with me, no net below
  • Love

The City

  • The Exodus
  • Drawn to the City
  • L.I.R.R. – Hello Anne

Life throws curves

  • Amazing Grace, once found now lost
  • Blue Collar Dollar
  • So Sweet the Pain
  • Feed my soul with the throttle's roll
  • Life
  • Take care of ME
  • Play no role
  • warm and open

Words for others

  • Doomed by fate, doomed by me
  • "Ika’s Song"   

The grail search….

  • I sit and wonder
  • I want you!
  • Know I care
  • morning would, yes i wood (priorities)
  • this night's delight

writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm

Painting with words

  • On a Cushion Made of Rock
  • You Have the Rest
  • Relax
  • Comfort food and a simple man
  • Feel love's fire
  • Once is not enough
  • no great cathedrals (experience nature)


In love there's hope

  • What if…..
  • The sun has risen and I am not alone
  • In magic's lair
  • No love left to give….
  • As One We'll Walk Away
  • I believe in you


  • the time may be divine
  • give me love their way
  • i’ll take care of you yet remember me
  • Not for thine self
  • Dignity
  • Staying Positive - Daily Thoughts
  • loving mother
  • dearest father

"A poem is no more a collection of words than making love is collection of mechanical actions.  Without emotion, there is no love, there is no poem!"                       J.V. Flaim

“To cure the British disease with socialism was like trying to cure leukaemia with leeches.”

A day in the life

  • It's where you're going!
  • my space here……
  • No Record Found
  • the student