It was my sons that introduced to me to MySpace quite some time ago and it was there that I summoned the courage to open myself up more and more for the world to see.  Morphing from short recaps of an adventure or a workout to mini-essays.  Eventually finding it in me to let my guard down and post my poetry.  Having had nearly 100 blog subscribers I finally built my own page free of MySpace.  Life dealt me cards that occupied my time in other ways and my page fell into neglect.  Rather than go on telling my story here, as I did on my original page, I now choose to let the story be told by the pages that follow.  I hope that you find this place warm and inviting yet thought provoking and inspiring...............                                                  

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

My Story

I've lived most of my life in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, the town I still call home.  My years have blessed me with many wonderful experiences.  None of those experiences have been greater than that of sharing my life with my two sons and, more recently, expanding our family to include my wife and her three grown children.  The past experience of being a dad/mom had been a treasured one.  My sons have both grown into fine young men and I am very proud to be their father.  As they continue to venture further and further from the nest and build their own lives, I find great joy in bearing witness to their growth and maturity.  I will be forever thankful to them for all that they have shared with me.......and often I wonder if it was they who raised me and kept me out of trouble, a task now taken on by my lovely wife.  The new addition of step-children is proving to be another blessing.  Thank YOU Lord!

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Winston Churchill