gaze beyond

So Sweet the Pain

Damn that hurts
My bell was rung
Tree hit head
My body slung

Thrown right down
From ladder high
Flat on the ground
My place to die?

Saw set free
To rest alone
Heavy wood
Broken bone
Shaken man
With bleeding head
Painful jaw
But be not dead

Thank the Lord
My sons OK
Now the shock
And pain come play
Not quite sure
Too fast it came
But here I am
Can't snuff the flame

Head and neck
The shoulder too
Scrapes and bruises
Yet sky is blue

On my feet
Damn that hurts
Yes it's broken
Yes death flirts

I'll fight so hard
Too much to give
Don't take me now
I want to live

So sweet the pain
That grounds me here
Keeps me home
With those so dear
It's not my turn
Hell I won't go
More love to share
This I know
I thank the Lord
For that pain
I welcomed it
It knew my name

Lock me in
Hang on tight
Life don't drain
So sweet the pain

Amazing Grace, once found now lost

You reached your hand inside of me
You touched my very heart
You pulled it back so carelessly
You tore my soul apart
With spark and fire to mark the start
A wall you set between
Where is that woman who made me whole
The one on me was keen?
The one you were you are not now
No wine to set you free
I jumped right in no fear at all
Ahead so recklessly
No time to share and get to know
No time to be just we
A heart so lock without a key
So very far from me

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Take Care of ME

Weighing each word
Gauging each action
Imprisoned by your close minded reactions

I didn’t want to hurt you
So I hurt me
I lost sight of myself
I was no longer free
I was always on the job
No day off
No day off

I lost my sense of humor
The smile faded from my face
I had trouble keeping up with the never ending pace

Watching what I say
Watching what I do
I was no longer me
And I never wanted to be you

I’d forgotten what it was like to be free to take care of ME!


Full and fast
Not to last
Here today
Why not play
Soon to be
Less than me
Not so bold
Will be old
Breathe in deep
Get little sleep
Fly so high
All must die
Don't just wait
Increase your gait
Sing your song
Won't be long
Love full bore
You will soar
Don't regret
Place the bet
Go all in
Gold not tin
Roll the dice
Be so nice
Taste the wine
Why waste time
It's just age
Turn the page
Taste her lips
Rock her hips
Give of you
Sky so blue
Sun will rise
Don't tell lies
Say the words
Ask for thirds
Share your life
Take a wife
Raise a child
Free and wild
Take a chance
Laugh and dance
Run a mile
Make her smile
Start to live
Start to give
Share the love
Don't push or shove
Engage yourself
Be top shelf
Get on the edge
Do not hedge
Make the call
Take the fall
Be not scared
You will be paired.

Blue Collar Dollar       

Cars go out as cars go in
Punching clocks, loading docks
Mindless work to pay the bills
Won't be long I'll have my fill
But many do this day by day
Endless cycle for average pay
Raise your hat to them I say
They're the ones that make our way
How we live we all enjoy
What they give creates our joy
What fills their hearts and drives their souls?
What makes them start and makes them whole?

warm and open
cold and empty
is this house
sit here alone
keyboard and mouse
one more christmas
to come and go
one more year
no love to know
filled with hope
dreams unfulfilled
yet still believe
still strong of will
to settle not
for less than all
not to heed
an empty call
take in stride
what comes today
sincere in heart
that is my way
reckless love
unbridled trust
cast my net
for love and lust
hauled back empty
muscles sore
cast again
won't close the door
the day will come
when time is right
into my life
will shine bright light
cold and empty
is this house
but warm and open
shall be this heart

Feed my soul with the throttle’s roll

Feed my soul with the throttle’s roll
Cut through the night
Carve through the turns
Embraced by wind
My body yearns
To feel you take me
Beyond just whole

Shake my soul
Set it free
Feel the rumble
Feel the heat
Deep inside you a fire burns
Drives your pistons
My stomach churns
Feed my soul with the throttle’s roll

Take me faster beyond my dreams
One with you and road it seems
Empty mind overflows my soul
Lean hard left then right and more
Wrapped in nature’s arms I glow
Through the dark of night we go

Alone with you
We ride again
Forget the day
Embrace the night
This moment’s real
This moment’s right
Feed my soul with the throttle’s roll

Life throws you curves.......

Play no role
Typing words upon this page
A simple man and pleasant sage
Overstated it may be
But some have written
It's what they see
I have my moments of vented rage
Lock me up in my cage
Try to look beyond what's here
Come in closer won't be bitten
Share the vision without fear
Wisdom comes with more than age
It isn't years alone that gauge
Hear the words but listen too
Be quite sure be more than smitten
If be wrong you'll later rue
Cast no act upon this stage
Dance for joy and not for wage
Let the passion fill your soul
Playful like a little kitten
Be all real and play no role

“The function of socialism is to raise suffering to a higher level.”                                Norman Mailer