In memory of Eric Vandecar

gaze beyond

Hold that thought about positioning ourselves better.  There are times too on the river when you have to position yourself so that the current can take you where you want to go before you get yourself into a situation like the pinned raft or perhaps a flipped raft.  If you wait too long and get too deep into the wrong current she is going to take you any where she pleases and do with you as she pleases.  Life can be like that too.  We have to look ahead and read the currents.  People's actions are like the currents.  You can read them too.  Position yourself in those currents to insure you are carried where you want to go.  Be smart.

From a blank mind flows a river......                                           Monday, December 04, 2006

Current mood: patient

I find myself sitting here wanting to write tonight but the words are not coming easy.  Some of you who have read my ramblings may have laughed when you read that.  I do tend to be able to go on and on at times without having a real plan as to where I wanted to go.  So be it!  This will be one of those times.  Perhaps that is the key, not to lock myself into a path but to just overflow.  Over?  Flow?  hmmmmmmmmmm  The river!

I often liken life to a river.  Having river guided for several years I think the river taught me a lot about life.  One thing that always stood out is that when a river comes to what we would perceive as an obstacle, the river carries on, undaunted by whatever has been put in its path.  The river will push it out of its way, slowly wear it away, wear away a path around it, rise and lift it until it moves with her, or simply and patiently rise above it, engulf it in her warm embrace and flow beyond.  What was perceived as an obstacle was merely an opportunity to collect her thoughts and move on.  We should be more like the river and address perceived obstacles with patience and wisdom and the confidence that we will soon be beyond it.  I am sure many of us would benefit from this.

Finally, the river persists.  It does not give up.  It does have a general sense of direction but it is not rigid in its plan to get there.  That direction is simply down hill.  It may change specific direction many, many times but it never forgets that it is going down hill.  As I said before, sometimes it has to stall and rise above something to continue on its journey but quitting is not an option!

I like to think I am like a river.  I strive to be patient and determined.  I know where I am going and I know that there are some things I may have to push out of my way and some I may have to rise above.  I may have to wear some down too.  There may even be some I will have to be patient with and gradually lift in my warm embrace until the moment I can carry them away with me.  I will persist.  I will position myself in the best currents.  I will get where I want to go and I will harness the strength of the rivers of life and love to get me there.  This I know.

Another thing I have learned from the river is that there are forces in nature that are much stronger than we are, no matter how big our bicep or our ego.  When a raft pinned (term used to describe a raft wrapped around an obstacle and held firmly in place by the force of the rushing water) on a rock it was often comical to watch the occupants yank and pull and tug and sweat and get nowhere.  They assumed countering the force was the key.  Without leaving my kayak I could often just look at the pin, tell the people where to move in the raft and the river would pull the raft off.  Rather than overcome the greater force one should work with it.  Love is a force of nature too and it is incredibly strong.  We can tug and yank and pull or push all we want but we aren't going to make it do what we want.  Perhaps there are times when we should step back and observe?  Perhaps there is a strength in that love that can set us free if we position ourselves better?